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Every job search has its quirks, highs and lows; for most, it’s nothing short of a roller coaster ride. But if something you experience leaves you scratching your head (or questioning your sanity), here’s how to decide if it’s normal — or real cause for alarm: Hooray, this job posting looks perfect! Oh no, they… Read more »

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The more I talk to people about their struggles, the more I realize that we all have some sense of dissatisfaction with ourselves. I have it, and I’d be willing to bet everyone reading this does too. Consider some of the ways we’re dissatisfied with ourselves: We constantly have a feeling that we should be… Read more »

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One of the most common arguments against launching an employee referral program has to do with the lack of budget for such a program. Many recruiting leaders and line managers are familiar with the stories of outrageous employee referral bonuses, and multi-pronged program advertising campaigns that cost serious money. The stories have helped perpetuate the… Read more »

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Most employment systems were designed in the “dark ages” when business moved at the “speed of rock.” In the past when people resigned, a requisition was created and after a relatively long lag time, another person was hired. If the new hire required initial training at the time of their hiring or if there was… Read more »

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  Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is a difficult, but necessary, step in growing your career.  Here’s how to stretch yourself and reach new heights in 2017.   Shoot Down Negative Self-Talk, Fast: When you push yourself outside your comfort zone, there will be a voice in your head that tries to talk you… Read more »

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Comparing yourself to others is a very powerful mental affliction. When we are children, we compare ourselves to others as a way of discovering “who I am,” using others as references. However, as adults, when we compare ourselves to others, it is usually to evaluate ourselves as “worse than” or “better than” or “equal to”… Read more »

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I get a lot of requests to speak on how to recruit and retain employees in this era of low unemployment. There are a lot of creative things companies can do. But one of the smartest strategies is right under managers’ noses, and many companies ignore it or under emphasize it. That strategy is to… Read more »

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What should you pay that new employee? Stop guessing–and start using these great sources of up-to-date salary information: is technically directed at job seekers, showing users how much they are worth based on their experience and skills, but employers can use the same criteria to develop competitive compensation packages. The Monster Salary Center is powered… Read more »

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On the fence about a job? Ask yourself these 14 questions to determine if it’s the right move for your career- or if you should hold out for something better: What is my true motivation for leaving? Before you accept and offer, re-explore your reasons for wanting to move on.  Do you need or want… Read more »