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How to fit in, make friends and succeed from day one.


You may ask yourself;

  • Will the work environment be fast paced or laid back?
  • What will my Supervisor think of me?
  • Will I mesh well with my new teammates?
  • How will I fit in?

Whether you are starting a new assignment or full time position, it is tough being the new kid on the block.  Use these tips to manage the initial awkwardness that comes with starting a new position and get on the fast track to success:


Study the Culture

From the moment you start, pay attention to others- how they interact, dress, maintain their work spaces, etc.  Find out who the most successful team members are and take your cues from them. By simple observing, you can learn a lot about how the company operates and how to fit in.


Dress the Part

Your clothes influence the way your managers and co-workers perceive you. Avoid fashions that are too trendy, revealing or casual. Make a great impression by dressing appropriately for your role, or one notch above.


Stay Out of Office Politics

Establish your reputation as a hard-working, positive employee who is not part of the rumor mill.  If you are on a short-term assignment, it is best to steer clear of office drama altogether.  But, if you are on a long-term assignment or have accepted a full time position:

  1. Compliment; do not criticize.
  2. Disagree without being disrespectful.
  3. Stay above gossip by not spreading rumors

Don’t Try Too Hard

Being too sweet or overly enthusiastic is awkward and impossible to sustain.  Your co-workers will see right through your attempt to be someone you are not.  As you reveal yourself to fellow employees, be careful not to boast or name-drop.  People are more impressed by humility than an obvious need to gain admiration. Be true to yourself and you will be more confident- a naturally attractive quality.


Build Your Network

 Learn teammates’ and supervisors’ names as quickly as possible. Build relationships by asking co-workers about their interests, families, etc.  Attend informal lunches, after-work social events or volunteer opportunities to get to know colleagues better.  Inquire about mentoring opportunities to broaden your internal network and demonstrate your commitment to long-term success within the company.


Tips for Temporaries and Contract Workers

When you are on assignment, use these tips to get off to a great start every time;


  1. Choose assignments carefully.  Think through the time commitment, skills and abilities required to successfully complete the tasks- and make sure you are up to the task before accepting the assignment.
  2. Display a positive attitude.  Even if you are a bit nervous or uncomfortable, optimism can set the stage for a great experience- and it will get you noticed by co-workers and supervisors.
  3. Listen to instructions and ask for clarification.  Take notes and ask follow-up questions if instructions are unclear.  Your manager will understand.
  4. Ask for more work if you are finished.  Take initiative and you will earn a reputation as a hard worker.  Productive, proactive consultants land the best assignments and are the first to be offered a full time opportunity.
  5. Treat the assignment like a full time position.  Perform with the same enthusiasm and commitment you would give to a full-time position- you never know where the opportunity may lead.


Being the new guy is not easy, but hard work, a great attitude and some common sense can go a long way in ensuring you will be welcomed, respected and successful in your new role?




By David Searns


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